one2one productions is a platform for event production and development of media and educational content and formats. I started it to have a vehicle for the creation and production of events and content, in line with my motivation to contribute to society in a meaningful way. In practise I either develop stand alone projects or contribute to projects and assignments developed by others.

Raised in a hospitality family, I am driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore continents and experience different sectors. These characteristics were a gift from my parents who left their native Friesland to meet each other in New York. More about that on: https://cookingandcaring.com/

Having worked and lived all over the world (especially six years in China and several years in Africa), I am currently at home as a producer and educator in the (informal) capital of Europe. That is not by accident as I firmly believe in the role this continent has to play and I aspire to contribute to that in the spirit of Jean Monnet; “I am neither pessimist nor optimist, I am merely determined”